Introducing Manifold

Welcome to the all-new Manifold Marketplace.
Designed to be effortless and fun to use, just like every great developer tool should be.

More services, an all-new discovery experience, refreshed dashboard and streamlined developer workflow make Manifold the easiest way to build cloud native applications.

Shop like a developer

Everything you need to discover, explore and experiment with that hot new logging tool–because who impulse buys infrastructure?


Practical solutions to the challenges developers face building cloud native applications.


Get up and running with your next favorite service sooner, with a guided introduction.


In-depth interviews with the teams that build and operate the tools you love.

Organize your services

Organize and share services in large, complex cloud native applications.

Redesigned from the ground up to make it as easy for you to spin up your first database as it is to orchestrate hundreds of services across teams and projects.

Connect integrations

We’re not here to replace your favorite workflow, we’re here to upgrade it.

First-class integrations with popular tools and platforms like Kubernetes, Terraform, and Laravel, mean you can deliver your secrets to any cloud, without the lock-in.

Share with your team

Share access to the services and secrets your project depends on with a single invite.

Give your team members access to only what they need, whether that’s the secrets they need in local development or the ability to provision and configure new products.

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More services, better services, your services

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New Services

3× the services, and more arriving every week, Manifold’s the best way to keep your toolbelt fresh.


Innovative Services

Small, innovative services start here. Manifold 2.0 is a simple way to experiment with the latest tools.


Bring your own services

Manage your own config alongside services you discover on Manifold with one workflow on any cloud.

Get started for free

Start building your application with Manifold and save time integrating and deploying cloud native applications.

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