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Manifold Teams makes sharing resources easy with everyone on your team and it’s free.

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Deploy services as a team.

Launch logging, monitoring or any of the other services available on Manifold all from the same spot.

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Take the DIY out of your infrastructure

Spend less time configuring, so you can have more time building. Launch anything from ElasticSearch to Elixir Monitoring all with just one click. Manifold has all of the developer services you need in one place.


Manage all of your services under one roof

Stop creating and maintaining separate accounts for the dozens of services your team uses. You’ll get one bill per team, so you don’t have to hunt for your teams invoices every month. Manifold is your centralized location for everything from credential management to user privileges.


Share your stack with your team

Connect your team with the services you use. With one invite, new teammates have access to everything they need through SSO. Now you can stop sending encrypted files because your team has secure access to your app's credentials on Manifold.

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