🎉Exciting changes to Stratus Update, TrueLayer’s Payments API, and SendGrid acquisition

As you may know, Stratus Update is co-authored by two members of Manifold’s engineering team. This week, we’re trying something new (again), adding the best new content from Manifold’s blog (“What we’re writing”) alongside our usual industry news & analysis (“What we’re reading”).

We’ll also be shifting to a monthly cadence in order to give you more content in each issue. We’re excited to share some new insights and developments with you.

As always, we welcome your feedback. Thank you for reading!

Issue #15

Open Banking is a massive regulatory wave sweeping across Europe’s banking policy. One of the many things to be swept up in its path is Visa–Mastercard’s duopoly on credit transactions. TrueLayer, an Open Banking-compliant payment layer, has paddled up behind this swell and is getting to ride the biggest wave of their lives.

When we first caught wind of Twilio’s acquisition of SendGrid, the deal was reported to be worth a measly $2 billion. Both companies have continued to perform well since the October announcement, and Twilio is hoping that SendGrid’s email services will complete their diverse array of communication products.

Dave Lu, one of the founders of pared.com, has condensed a wealth of information into this goldmine of a blog post. The crux centers around how network effects can be the driving factor behind some marketplaces, while being almost useless to others. Dave breaks down the anatomy of different types of marketplaces, and what makes them tick (and grow).

Derek Zumsteg, Manifold’s product manager, is steadfast in his pursuit of a diverse and inclusive culture. In this post, he shares his findings after A/B testing some of our recent job postings.

Prefab.cloud—yes that is a real URL and yes it is one of the coolest URLs ever—bring their feature flags, cloud configs, and rate limiting services to Manifold. For the JS devs in the room, it’s basically lodash for connecting to other cloud services. Jeff shows us how to use Prefab’s feature flagging in Ruby or Node.js.

Sam walks us through making a browser game out of the nostalgic typing games of yore. Out of ReasonML, no less—a strongly-typed language! Have some fun while learning a little bit of ReasonML along the way (and play the game while you’re at it).