🍄 Growth strategies for npm, Instana, InfluxData, Mailgun, and Transloadit

With the eggnog long-gone from the fridge, and that new gym membership used at least once (hopefully), it’s time for some gains. Continuing from last week, we’re focusing on smaller stories you may have missed. This week, we collected small and large plays these cloud companies are using to accelerate growth in 2019, from staff changes to feature releases to philosophy shifts. Not every link is big news now, but we’re hoping they’ll grow on you 🌱.

Issue #12

InfluxData announced new senior VPs of Engineering and Sales from Salesforce and Algolia, respectively. Between experience at Algolia and Bing, they both have some history with search, which is a natural fit for such a database-heavy lineup of cloud services.

Instana can now boast it’s the only application performance service to offer a free end user monitoring (EUM) suite, perhaps to sweeten the deal for enterprises.

UserVoice is a feedback platform companies like Adobe have turned to for a while, but Mailgun’s early and big investment to it shows a stronger relationship with customers than we’re used to seeing. In an ecosystem with many SMTP providers, customer relationship is a game Mailgun is winning.

Transloadit’s growth strategy may be characterized as “use as much AWS as makes business sense, but keep all the knowledge in-house.” For a small, private company with no VC backing that’s been around since 2009 and is still growing, they’re clearly doing something right with their IT.

npm, the largest package registry in the world, has modernized the developer workflow for just about everyone except enterprise. Compliance is arguably the biggest barrier for enterprise to rely as much on OSS as startups do, and npm founder Isaac Schlueter makes a plea for enterprise to weigh the security and financial dangers of trying to do everything in-house.

Mux + CosmicJS

CosmicJS headless CMS adds partnership with streaming video service, Mux.

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