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Building a Video Screening Tool

In the beginning, Susan Danziger thought she was starting a video screening service. But when she paired up with cofounder Oliver Friedmann, the two faced a huge problem: finding the type of video API they needed to build their app.

Video interaction has become a popular feature to include in modern applications. We work in distributed communities and organizations, because of this we often lose face to face communication. By integrating video you add immediacy, trust, and personality which reintroduces that human connection.

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The Aha! Moment

After a frustrating search, they concluded that the service they needed — an easy-to-implement API that any developer could use to add video features to an app didn’t exist.

18 months into Ziggeo, Susan and Oliver decided to shut down what they were building and focus on the video infrastructure they were creating. Reasoning that other developers building apps probably had the same need, they pivoted to create the Ziggeo we know today.

Now they could help dating sites, journalism sites, advertising platforms and more use their API to create entirely new platforms featuring video. The resulting shift in focus was a game-changer for Ziggeo – they created something of tremendous value that other companies could put to immediate use.

“Overnight, our competitors became our customers“Profile Avatar- Susan Danziger
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Ziggeo in the Wild

In fact, companies are already doing just that. CrowdRise increased campaign revenue by as much as 3X after integrating video (via Ziggeo) into their crowdfunding platform.

After noticing campaign organizers were having trouble keeping donors in the loop as to the progress of their company, Ziggeo helped implement a “campaign updates” feature on CrowdRise that allowed fundraisers to post videos as large as 4GB—with no specific time limits.

Donors were kept in the loop and fundraisers had another way to galvanize their audiences. According to Justin McAuley at Crowdrise, “Campaign updates with videos produce the highest amount of funds raised on our platform.”

Ziggeo also helped Union Square Ventures incorporate video as an essential element of their recruitment process. Today, the innovation has even made it so that recruiters prefer watching candidate videos rather than reading resumes.

Along the way, Ziggeo earned “Best Video API” multiple years in a row at API World. Susan has helped other companies solve the very problems she had when first finding—or failing to find—the right video platform.

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Solving the tough problems

Adding video to your application adds an element of interactivity, trust, and personality which creates a human connection between users. Ziggeo makes it easy for you to record, playback, transcode, stream and host videos.

Through years of research and development, their core services make integrating video approachable by taking something which once required costly infrastructure and technical domain knowledge and simplifies it in just a few APIs.

ZiggeoZiggeo is an award-winning cloud-based service for in-browser/in-app video recording, playback, transcoding, storage & video management.
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With Ziggeo on Manifold you can organize your video APIs + mobile SDKs alongside many other developer services giving you centralized access controls, a single bill at the end of the month and direct integration to your development workflow and deployed applications.

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Ziggeo's New Take on Video

How a pivot to being a platform turned competitors into customers
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