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  • Powerful GPUs for up to 1/5th the price of the other cloud platforms

    Spend less time worrying about how much funding you need to train your models and more time working on your projects. Fully setup instances are available by the hour and come pre-installed with Docker, Keras, Scikit , NumPy, TensorFlow, Pytorch and more.

  • Docker Support

    We support a number of the most popular frameworks out of the box (and if you need something specific we can pre-configure it for you). Sometimes you might want to leverage some containers to fully unlock your agile operation. We fully support docker and nvidia-docker to ensure there are no roadblocks.

  • Real Support

    Our support team is ready to help you every step of the way. You can reach us through direct email, chat on our website or even a phone call with a real person.

  • Security

    Made with security in mind, your data and models are available to only you. Connect via SSH with identity files.

  • Speed

    All of our instances GPU enabled. This means your models get trained faster and we provide better processing power per dollar than traditional cloud vendors.

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ZeroSix Cloud Compute Platform


ZeroSix Cloud Compute Platform

Hourly Price
$0.60 / hour
Frame Buffer
250 GB
Email Support