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  • Build meaningful search experiences

    Leverage Lucene’s search features to create immediate value for your users instead of spinning your wheels keeping Solr up and optimized.

  • Get support from real people who know search

    Our support team members are engineers. We take pride in our quick, thorough, and knowledgeable responses. There’s no one in our field that does Solr support better, or who have been doing it longer.

  • Never worry about availability

    We’ve put in the years and solved the hard problems so you don’t have to. We’re on call 24/7, with hourly offsite backups and architected for 99.99% uptime.

  • Rest easy with battle-tested security

    With features like Secure TLS Encryption and Advanced API Credentials, never worry about keeping your data secure.

  • Scale with Ease

    When it’s time to add or remove resources, easily scale your index with no downtime.

  • The gold standard in hosted search

    We don’t compromise on quality or resiliency at any level. Our unique architecture gives you the best value for your resources, without skimping on operational best practices.


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