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  • Easy Scaling Applications and Resource Management on Kubernetes

    Scaling applications on Kubernetes is hard. What should my limits and requests be? What should my replicas be? Valence determines your limits, requests, and replicas based on your applications total behaviour in response to its workload. Valence can be used as a right-sizer, an autoscaler, or a resourcing recommender. So you can set your resources correctly from the beginning.

  • SLA Performance Compliance for Applications

    Valence is built around the concept of declarative performance. Gaurentee performance compliance for your applications by declaring Service Level Objectives and have Valence resource and scale your applications to meet those.

  • Kubernetes Cost Optimization and Improved Resource Utility

    Valence learns to operate your application in the most cost effective way. By maximizing utilization, cluster density, and node usage such that performance is never degraded.


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Metered Usage


$30.00 / deployment
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Metered up to 100 Deployments