Track down memory leaks, N+1s, slow code and more. For Ruby, Python, and Elixir appsGet Scout arrow_right

  • Monitor App Health

    Track response times by tier (ActiveRecord, Redis, MongoDB, etc), throughput, queue time, error rates, and more with zero configuration.

  • Database Query Analysis

    Scout hunts down expensive N+1 queries, tracks the number of ActiveRecord rows returned, and compares slow queries against their performance in faster requests.

  • Memory Leak Detection

    Scout continually monitors your app for requests that trigger large memory increases and pinpoints memory hotspots in your code.

  • GitHub CodeView

    Go beyond backtraces - with Scout’s GitHub integration, view relevant slow lines of code, authors, and commit dates inline with your slow transaction traces.

  • Weekly Performance Digest

    Scout analyzes your app for performance trends and outliers and emails you a summary every week.


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Metric Retention
1 Day
Trace Retention
1 Hour
Deploy Tracking