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  • Rate Limits

    Fast, efficient, bombproof and cost-effective rate limiting libraries that don't require any Redis/Memcached on your end.

  • Feature Flags

    Don't leave home without them. Feature flags enable Moving Fast and Breaking Less. Our flags can be: on, off, on for a percentage of your traffic and on for specific users or users that match specific criteria.

  • Distributed/Remote Config

    Want a reliable distributed config like Consul / Zookeeper that works out of the box and is cost-effective?

  • Deduplication

    Only want to send the 'Welcome Email' once per person, but have some nasty race conditions that could lead to doing it twice? Put an eternal semaphore for 'welcome-email:bob@example.com' and let us store that forever. Easy idempotency as a service.

  • Scales to millions of individual limits

    Paying your usage tracking service by the event? Do you really need to send an event for Bob _every_ time he clicks? How about only sending bob's unique events every 5 minutes? Let's decimate that bill.

  • Batteries Included

    Open source libraries included for Node, Ruby, Java & C#. gRPC provides robust extensible support for other languages.


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Prefab Original - retired

Feature flags
$0.000005 / check
Limit definition
$0.0001 / upsert
Limit return
$0.0001 / return
Config connections per hour
$0.000833333 / connection
Config update
$0.0002 / update
24hr Support
No support