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  • Improving on the Best

    MariaDB is a completely open source drop-in replacement for MySQL from one of the original developers of MySQL. Not only does MySQL code run ‘swimmingly’ on MariaDB, but Maria also adds several enhancements and features to the database you already know and love.

  • Backups

    In addition to any backups you personally create, we automatically take nightly snapshots for single tenant databases. This means that our team can help you restore to a previous point in time.

  • Databites

    Create, edit, and save reusable queries against your provisioned server. Databites are a custom, zero-hassle reporting solution for your database right out of the box!

  • Scale

    Regardless of how big of a wave you're riding, JawsDB makes it easy to scale your database performance.

  • Stay in Control

    For single tenant plans, we provide you and only you with root credentials — so you have complete control of your server.

  • Data Replication

    The world doesn't need to be a scary place, choose a plan that supports failover and your data is replicated to servers in different regions of the world, reducing unexpected downtime.


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JawsDB Maria

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