Form Validation Analytics for Ruby on Rails ApplicationsGet Informant arrow_right

  • Monitor user errors in real time

    Informant provides real-time ActiveRecord validation monitoring, so you know when your users are making mistakes.

  • Keep an eye on your API

    Our validation monitoring extends to API calls, allowing you to monitor any validation issue, whether it’s caused by a user or an app.

  • Drill down to the issue

    Our handy visualizations and line-by-line tracking allow you to find the location & identity of any offending form submission.

  • Rest easy with security

    Informant respects Rails’ data security – we won’t store data from any sensitive fields, and if you need maximum security, you can configure Informant to only track errors without storing any field data at all.

  • Integrate in minutes

    Getting Informant running on a Rails installation is a breeze – just install the gem and you’re ready to go!


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