Monitor your applications and infrastructure with Prometheus, Grafana, and StatsDGet Prometheus arrow_right

  • Instant Start

    Start recording and charting your first metrics within minutes. Get up and running as hassle-free as possible by using our hosted and fully managed Prometheus and Grafana environment.

  • Complete Turnkey Toolset

    Skip the guesswork, configuration, and deployment with our complete and turnkey solution. Scrape your metrics with Prometheus' pull mechanism, remote write, or PushGateway, or simply use StatsD. Use Grafana for dashboards. Configure alerts to instantly be notified when problems arise.

  • Zero Maintenance

    Collect and make use of metrics without the hassle of running, scaling, and maintaining a metrics platform. Stop worrying about server specs, uptime, maintenance, and configuration. We take care of all the details so that you can get back to your product because you have better things to do than to babysit all the ancillary tools needed to run your business.

  • Drastically Lower Costs

    Drastically reduce your costs by using our hosted and managed tools to collect and visualize the metrics needed to understand your systems, processes, and code. We aid you in monitoring, error handling, and debugging. Also, with alerts, you'll know right away when your attention is needed.

  • Exceptional Support

    We take pride in treating you right. We address issues quickly and with care, so don't be surprised when you'll receive thoughtful messages instead of canned replies.

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