Application monitoring made easy with InfluxDB + StatsD + Grafana, for custom metrics, dashboards, and alerts.Get HostedMetrics InfluxDB arrow_right

  • Painless Setup

    Skip the frustration and hard work and get started in mere minutes! With HostedMetrics, collecting metrics is as hassle-free as can be. And if you already have an existing system that's collecting data through StatsD, simply point your StatsD library/package to our servers.

  • Leave the Details to Us

    Stop worrying about server specs, maintenance, and configuration. Our infrastructure is a secure managed environment that scales with your application. We take care of all the details so that you can get back to your product.

  • Reduce Your Costs

    HostedMetrics drastically reduces your costs by offering you a sensibly pre-configured productive hosted and managed tool to collect and visualize the metrics to understand your systems, processes, and code, thereby aiding you in monitoring, error handling, and debugging.

  • Expect Excellent Support

    We take pride in treating you well! We carefully consider your concerns and address issues quickly. You'll receive thoughtful messages, not canned replies.


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