Off-site backup-as-a-service for MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Redis.Get Dumper arrow_right

  • Disaster recovery

    VM snapshots won’t save you when your data-center catches on fire. Dumper offers the off-site backup which is the only way to protect your data from disastrous events.

  • No more silent failures

    All too often, cron jobs start to fail silently and go unnoticed for months. Dumper reports errors immediately, as well as a status summary weekly or monthly.

  • Security and safety

    We store everything on Amazon S3. It’s a highly reliable storage with an astronomical 99.999999999% durability.

  • Insightful Dashboard

    Our dashboard gives you insights to understand how well backup jobs are running or how fast your datasets are growing.

  • Multiple databases

    In the age of polyglot persistence, Dumper offers a central location to manage all backups of all databases from all projects.

  • Proven and reliable

    We've been in production since 2012 and achieved 99.97% uptime per year. Our database expertise comes from scaling multiple projects with millions of users.


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