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  • Message queueing

    Queue job messages for your workers. CloudAMQP gives you in-order, no-duplicates guarantees and high availability as the messages can be replicated between multiple RabbitMQ nodes.

  • Application decoupling

    Instead of building a massive application many teams find it beneficial to decouple different concerns in your application and only communicate between them asynchronously with messages. That way different parts of your application can evolve independently, be written in different languages and/or maintained by complete separated teams.

  • Offload your data store

    Instead of polling your data store, publish a message when new data is inserted. Interested parties will be notified immediately and your data store will be ready to answer qualified queries instead.

  • Realtime applications

    CloudAMQP is an excellent backend for realtime applications. Notifications and message streaming is handled very effectively by RabbitMQ, you’ll be able to push thousands of messages per second.

  • High Availability

    All our servers are clustered and all queues are by default mirrored over all nodes. The load-balancer will automatically detect and temporarily remove unhealthy nodes. We provide RabbitMQ clusters you can rely on.

  • RabbitMQ is open source

    Unlike most other hosted message queue services you’re not risking vendor lock-in with CloudAMQP. Have RabbitMQ installed locally when you develop, for fast, free and offline available usage.


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