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  • Choose from over 40 extensions

    Because of its maturity, Postgres is chock-full of extensions. Turn PostgreSQL into a time series database with the timescaledb extension or set it up to include spatial and geographic objects with postgis extension. With a growing list of over 40 popular extensions, you have a lot of options with Aiven.

  • Enjoy end-to-end security

    It doesn't matter how fast, stable, and advanced a PostgreSQL offering is if it isn't secure. All Aiven services are run on dedicated virtual machines instead of multi-tenant ones most providers use. Your data is encrypted in transit and at rest, and our automation takes care of all security updates.

  • Know that you can recover your data

    It's simple, if you're running in production, your data needs to be backed up. Your data is essential and that's why Aiven PostgreSQL includes full daily back-ups and continuously recorded write-ahead logs (WAL). You can rest assured that if something happens to your service, we've got your back.

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