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  • Use popular Elasticsearch plug-ins

    Aiven Elasticsearch allows you to use popular plugins like analysis-icu, analysis-phonetic, and kuromoji to enhance your service's language analysis capabilities, as well as ingest-geoip, ingest-user-agent, and mapper-size.

  • Enjoy end-to-end security

    A great data system is worthless if it isn't secure. All Aiven services run on dedicated VMs instead of multi-tenant ones most providers use. Your data is encrypted in transit and at rest, and our automation handles all security updates.

  • Get more with Kibana

    Aiven Elasticsearch comes equipped with Kibana, making your searches easier and adding more to your data story with visualization with Kibana. Even better, Kibana also possesses advanced analytics capabilities—a perfect match.

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Aiven Elasticsearch

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Aiven Elasticsearch

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