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Manifold is 100% free

You pay for independent developer services as if you provision directly from providers. Manifold puts your charges on a single bill, with all the benefits of our development workflow tooling and deep Kubernetes, Terraform and Laravel integrations (for free).

Free to use
Command Line Interface
RBAC project management
Add External Services
Consolidated Billing
Kubernetes, Laravel, and Terraform Integrations
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Custom Pricing
Single Sign-On
Bill Forecaster
Audit Logs
Reporting and Analytics
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Here’s how we offer all ☝️ that for free

In exchange for a revenue share rate that doesn’t pass extra expenses on to our users, we help our providers with our tested go-to-market strategies that expose them to the folks they’re looking for (and we don’t sell user data to do that). Quite simply, we want to connect developers to the best services out there, in a way that is mutually beneficial for our providers and our users.

Pay for only the services you need

We offer multiple plans (many of them free to try) so that developers get exactly what they need.

All of the services in our marketplace are developer-vetted and tested
We work closely with our providers to create flexible plan parameters that give developers more choice
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$ /moANDROMEDA GALAXYdatabasePlan DetailsBlacktipTierYesSingle TenantRollbackRedundancyGBsStorage
$ /moANDROMEDAdatabaseBlacktipGBsTierYesSingle TenantRollbackRedundancyStoragePlan Details
Container managementKubernetesINTEGRATIONSCustom importedgithubloggingLogDNAdatabaseJawsDB3 SERVICES$30/MO# database API_KEY=key- b5ebe610dfda05682ea3dffb1c0185f0 # logging API_KEY=key- b5ebe610dfda05682ea3dffb1c0185f0 # github API_KEY=key- b5ebe610dfda05682ea3dffb1c0185f0PROJECT CREDENTIALSAndromeda Galaxy project
Container managementKubernetesINTEGRATIONSCustom importedgithubloggingLogDNAdatabaseJawsDB3 SERVICES$30/MOPROJECT CREDENTIALSAndromeda Galaxy project

Use tools and integrations for free

It’s our mission to make developer workflows more secure, flexible and efficient. With Manifold, you can:

Organize your services/integrations and associate them with repos.
Add, edit, and remove services from the dashboard or command line.
Centralize your config and share secrets securely with your team.
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