Manifold Launches from Stealth to Connect Developers with their Favorite Services Across Any Cloud

OMERS Ventures Leads $15M USD Investment in Manifold to Redefine the Developer Services Ecosystem

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, September 21, 2017 —

Manifold, the easiest way to find, buy and manage essential developer services, launched from stealth today with $15 million USD in Series A funding from OMERS Ventures, Boldstart Ventures, Version One Ventures, Amplify Partners and Leaders Fund. Manifold is working to redefine the developer services ecosystem with a platform that allows developers to easily find, buy, and manage their favorite services - from email to logging - without being locked into a single cloud platform. With Manifold, developers are no longer restricted by the confines of any particular cloud, allowing them to create stacks tailored specifically for their project needs.

“The modern development stack is complex. Until now, there has been no easy way for developers to discover and manage the mix of services needed to create modern applications without resorting to the one-size-fits-all offerings of the monoclouds,” said Jevon MacDonald, CEO and co-founder of Manifold. “This has stifled developer freedom and creativity, while also limiting the opportunity for innovative service providers looking to reinvent the way we build applications. Manifold has set out to change this, by providing a simple way for the best developers to connect with their favorite service providers.”

Manifold has created a seamless way to tap into the growing ecosystem of independent developer services across any cloud. The company is launching with the support of more than a dozen handpicked developer favorites including Scout, Mailgun, LogDNA and RedisGreen. With Manifold, developers can manage all of these services in a single platform, streamlining the purchasing and management process, so they can focus on building their apps.

“Manifold understands that developers want the freedom to choose the best combination of services, without sacrificing the cost effectiveness and ease-of-use offered by the likes of AWS, Azure and GCP,” said Will Conway, CEO at Mailgun. “On the flipside, cloud service providers haven’t had an easy way to reach their audience, which has slowed innovation and led many promising companies to fail. By leveling the playing field for both groups, Manifold has the potential to drive significant value for anyone who’s looking to deploy a cloud strategy while not sacrificing time to adoption or transparency.”

Manifold provides a better way to find and manage the best services, leveling the discovery playing field for service providers. The Manifold platform was built for developers by developers who experienced, and were fed up with, the pain of the current developer services landscape. The funding will allow Manifold to build out its team, which already includes developers from Heroku, Salesforce, Red Hat and other developer focused companies, and to expand its roster of essential services.

“The opportunity in the developer services market is huge, and none of the major cloud players are focused on fostering the developer services ecosystem like the team at Manifold is,” said Brian Kobus, Partner at OMERS Ventures. “We are investing in Manifold because we believe their vision for the future of the industry is the right one, and this launch will be the first step in creating a new category of businesses within the cloud economy.”

Headquartered in San Francisco and Halifax, Canada, the Manifold team is comprised of top engineering talent from Canada and experienced Silicon Valley technology leaders.

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Manifold is the easiest way to find, buy and manage essential developer services. We give you the freedom to use your favorite services with any cloud in one platform so you don’t have to sacrifice quality for ease of use any longer. Manifold is a privately held company led by the people who brought you popular developer services at Heroku, Salesforce, Canonical and Red Hat. For more information, please visit

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