Extend your existing workflow

Manifold adds powerful network effects to your business

Be part of a stack

Your product is stronger on a platform of complimentary services

Enjoy infinite upside

You integrate one time and grow with Manifold automatically and forever

Punch above your weight

List your product in the same context as other world-class services

Our partners agree

Another benefit of Manifold is that we weren’t just dumped into their marketplace and left to wither. Their team is extremely customer-centric, they have marketing strategies, and they know technology.
Dylan StamatIron.io

Dylan Stamat

CEO, Iron.io
As a services developer, working to bring your product into a new platform or marketplace is a daunting task. … What I found was a brilliant group of seasoned developers who had put together a surprisingly robust and well-crafted API.
John WillmanJawsDB

John Willman

Founder, JawsDB

Instantly add features

Give your users more reasons to love you



We make it easy for your users to create resources and distribute config and secrets.


User management

We bring teams and role-based access controls to your product to make sharing resources easy.



Simplify credit card management, and streamline your user’s monthly invoices by giving them a single bill at the end of the month for all of their services

Integration is cake!

1 – Detail your product
2 – Set your plans and pricing
3 – Test your integration
4 – See metrics and track feedback
Join our network
Tell us a bit about your service and we’ll kick-start your onboarding process. You can take a look at our documentation for more info.
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Start with the basics

Frequently asked questions

bookRead our partner docs

What is your business model, or cost of listing?

There is no cost for partners to join the platform, however, we do have a standard revenue share agreement. Additionally, we do not charge developers a subscription to use our marketplace, they pay for the plans that they purchase. Your product’s success is our success.

What effort is required to integrate?

The partner integration requires implementing a set of RESTful API endpoints as part of your stack so that you can integrate with our provisioning, identity and billing features. This typically takes only a few days of a single engineer’s time (has been completed in as fast as 5 hours). After that, your product’s information is added to the database and you will have the ability to test and validate your data through our dashboard. Once verified, you will be ready to launch your product.