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Pump up your workloads with Iron🏋️

Iron brings background processing to Manifold with docker powered workers and a lightning-fast message queue.

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Welcome Iron to the fold

These three services are just what you need. You can use just one or combine all three to maximize your Fe consumption. A healthy diet of Iron for your apps, all taken care of in one place with Manifold.

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Docker background processing done right

A hosted background job solution that lets you run your containers with dynamic scale, detailed analytics and world class customer support. Run short lived containers quickly, or even containers needing to work across multiple days. Whether it's a one-off job, or one that needs thousands of workers running in parallel, we’ve got you covered.

Workers at Scale

Run tens, hundreds, or thousands of tasks – chunks of functionality in your application – at once. No need to stand up servers or manage queues.

Painless Setup

Workers are not platform-specific. Write code like you would for your own machine. There's no lock-in, nothing to change in your code.

Distributed, Asynchronous Processing

Tasks queues provide a simple solution to distribute workloads across a system, processing them asynchronously. This allows your application to elastically scale and provides strong reliability.



Highly available and scalable task queue / worker service. Starting at $26/mo.

Use Iron Worker with other services and maximize that output.

It doesn’t stop at Iron Worker. Check out these services and build up your best stack.


A super solid database.


Iron caches as well as it works.


Optimize all those images.

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Fast and scalable memcache compatible cache store.

A key/value store in the cloud, IronCache allows you to define caches that you can store and retrieve values from. Built on industry standards, it makes building out scalable, robust storage simple.

Built On Open Standards

Built with open standards in mind, which means no lock-in and maximum flexibility. Change endpoints from a local cache and move to a cache in the cloud.

Speak Your Own Language

Make use of a large set of IronCache language libraries including Ruby, PHP, Python, Go, and more. Or choose from a long list of memcached interfaces.

Data Storage At Scale

Written with elasticity and scale at its core, IronCache is built using high-performance languages designed for concurrency.



Elastic, scalable, highly available, secure cloud-based key/value store. Starting at $0/mo.

Find and improve your weak spots

Use the services below to find underperforming pages and cache them in the background.


Run your caching in the background.


A sharp take on databases.


Seek out underperformance.

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Tie distributed systems together

MQ provides a reliable way to communicate between services and components. Highly available, persistent by design, with best-effort one-time delivery, MQ is the most industrial strength, cloud-native solution for modern application architecture.

Instant and Elastic Message Queuing

Just connect to IronMQ endpoints and you have instant access to unlimited message queueing.

Messaging at Scale

Written with elasticity and scale at its core, IronMQ is built using Go, a high-performance language designed for concurrency.

Durable and Secure

IronMQ offers message persistence and redundancy right from the start so your queues are durable and highly available.



Highly Available, Lightning Fast Message Queue Starting at $9.99/mo.

Communication is key

Build a fast personalized email pipeline by combining IronMQ with:


Instantly access your records.


Search records instantly.


Send the end result.

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