Domenic RosatiEngineering @ Manifold

$ manifold add — human Dom

$ manifold add — human Dom

👋 My name is…

Domenic Anthony RosatiDomenic Anthony Rosati

💻 My job at manifold is…

Developer! I also do ML + DevOps :)Developer! I also do ML + DevOps :)

💰 I’m going to donate $200 to

Halifax Refugee clinicHalifax Refugee clinic

🌯 My favorite food is…

Eggplant. Anything with eggplantEggplant. Anything with eggplant

📽️ My favorite film is…

The 80s twilight zone tv seriesThe 80s twilight zone tv series

🎵 My favorite ’90s jam is…

NBA Jam… Kiss me — six pence none the richer ha ha ha!NBA Jam… Kiss me — six pence none the richer ha ha ha!

🍕 My favorite pizza topping is…

Olive oil, parmigiana, basil, garlicOlive oil, parmigiana, basil, garlic

🌱☀️🍂 ❄️ My favorite season is…

Spring, cause my BirthdaySpring, cause my Birthday

👩‍💻 🌎 👨‍💻 I work from…


🐻 The animal that best represents me is…

a cata cat

🎨 Draw a self portrait


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