Jeff AndersenProduct Marketing Manager

At Manifold, we’re dedicated to constantly adding new and useful services. We help developers find, organize and connect the best services to their applications. With that in mind, we’re excited to welcome to the Manifold Marketplace.’s suite of APIs makes it easy for you to implement cost-effective rate limiting, feature flags and distributed config across multiple languages.

At larger enterprises, we take for granted the amazing pool of resources that have been amassed over time. Implementing distributed feature flags, rate limits and more are just one library away. We lose access to this pool of resources as we move on to smaller teams. aims to deliver that same wealth of internal utilities to everyone at a cost that scales with you.

With on Manifold, you can organize your utility APIs alongside many other developer services giving you centralized access controls, a single bill at the end of the month and direct integration to your development workflow and deployed applications.
Prefab.cloudFeature Flags, RateLimits & RemoteConfig. Microservices as a Service.
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